48W/65W Desktop AC DC Power Adapter Charger

  • Model: MKF-aaabbbbC14
  • Input: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 2.0A
  • Dimension: 103*46.6*32mm
  • Product Detail

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    Product Parameters

    Model Rated Output Voltage (VDC) Rated Output Current (A) Max. Rated Output Power (W)
    MKF-aaabbbbC14 5-48VDC 0-8.0A 65W

    (aaa=indicates rated output voltage 5.0-48.0VDC , bbbb= indicates rated output current 0.001-8.00A)

    For Example

    Model Output Voltage (A) Output Current (A) Power (W)
    MKF-0506000C14 5.00 6.00 30.00
    MKF-0608000C14 5.00 8.00 40.00
    MKF-0904000C14 9.00 4.00 36.00
    MKF-0905000C14 9.00 5.00 45.00
    MKF-1204000C14 12.00 4.00 48.00
    MKF-1205000C14 12.00 5.00 60.00
    MKF-1503000C14 15.00 3.00 45.00
    MKF-1504000C14 15.00 4.00 60.00
    MKF-1803000C14 18.00 3.00 54.00
    MKF-1903400C14 19.00 3.40 64.60
    MKF-1903420C14 19.00 3.42 64.98
    MKF-2402000C14 24.00 2.00 48.00
    MKF-2402500C14 24.00 2.50 60.00
    MKF-3601800C14 36.00 1.80 64.80
    MKF-4801350C14 48.00 1.35 64.80

    AC Adapter Detail

    08-A653 With C14 Interface
    07-A653 with C8 Interface
    09-A653 with C6 Interface

    The 12V 4A/12V 5A/ 15V 3A/ 15V 4A/24V 2A/ 36V 1.8A/ 48V 1.35A/ 5V 8A Desktop AC DC Power Adapter can be C14, C6 and C8.

    What's the different of them? The C14 and C8 interface they are 3 PIN, and the C8 it is 2 PIN. The certificaiton of them different.

    3PIN it Class I, such as C14 anc C6. 2PIN it is Calss II, such as C8.
    The Class I it is grounding required, and the adapter without "回“sign.
    The Class II it doesn’t need grouding required, and the adapter with the "回“sign.

    48W 65W Desktop ac dc power adapter charger-detial of body

    1. The plastic housing material it is PC of the adapter charger , the PC material can resistance 120℃. PC material meets the requirement of spherical pressure test.

    2. The AC interface can be C8, C6 and C14.

    3. Normally, the dc wire of the ac dc power adapter charger it is 1.5 meters or 1.83 meters, but the DC wire can be any length, such as 2.5 meters, 3.5 meters and others based on the customer’s requirements.

    4. The DC connecter of the power adapter can OEM size of them.

    5. The label of adadpter it is laser printing. And customer brand available.

    C8-TYPE -C

    The GaN technology is coming, the PD fast charger use for various industries, such as the phone charger 20W GaN charger and 30W GaN charger with Type-C port.
    And also the 65W GaN fast charger use for laptop, such as WAWEI, HP, DELL and Apple Mac Book Pro ect.
    Because mobile phones and computers are updated quickly, and the new products are all the latest layout, and it is very easy to adopt new technologies.
    The GaN technology fast charger also use for POS machine, energy storage equipment, vacuum cleaner and robot.


    We are an ac dc power adapter solutions supplier, with 16 years of rich experience, are very professional in leading this.

    Products have now been exported to many continents, such as North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

    Area Cert Name Cert Status
    USA UL, FCC Yes
    Canada cUL Yes
    Japan PSE Yes
    Europe GS, CE Yes
    UK UKCA Yes
    Russia EAC Yes
    Australia SAA Yes
    South Korea KC, KCC Yes
    Argentina S-Mark Yes

    Environment: ROHS, REACH, CA65….
    Efficiency: VI
    Standard: Our ac dc power adapter charger has applied to meet safety regulations in different industries, the adaptor standards cover as bellow industry , IEC62368,IEC61558,IEC60065,IEC60335 and LED class 61347 ect .
    DC Wire:
    "Fire-proof level: VW-1 We have the VW-1 test report & test Vido , please send us email when you need them."
    DC Connecter:
    Both have the Straight type and right angle. You can choose the size of them.

    DC JACK-5525

    DC JACK can be Straight type or right angle of the ac/dc power adadpter charger.

    DC JACK-Type-C

    The DC jack also can be Type-C of the ac adapters.

    Package Info

    Our general packaging is white box, 1PC ac dc power adapter charger in a white box , 50 boxes in a cartont.


    The carton box materials can meet international standards, and enough to keep the safety of the product during transportation.




    The products are stored in the warehouse.
    We have a professional warehouse management SOP to ensure the safety of the storage of the goods, as well as the storage location of the goods, which is convenient for arranging shipments.


    The ustomers can choose the shipping method according to their own needs, by air, by sea, or express.
    And the shipment terms can be FOB, CIF, Door to door … …


    Our Super Advantages

    * 16 years rich experience working with famous company.

    * Fast delivery time.

    * Less than 0.2% RGD Guarantee, Meet AQL Standards.

    * Product range 6W ~ 360W, with certifications of various countrie.


    1. Over voltage protectio: "The output voltage shall be clamped by internal protection IC"

    2. Over current pro: "The output shall hiccup when the over currents applied to the output rail, and shall be self-recovery when the fault condition is removed"

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